The irresistible attraction of awards

The irresistible attraction of awards

Focus: awards, gifts and incentives


A webinar organized by PTE - Promotion Trade Exhibition, the event dedicated to the world of advertising objects, promotional textiles and technologies for personalization and by HOMI - The Lifestyle Trade Fair dedicated to furnishing accessories, decorations, textiles, essences and fragrances that characterize the spaces of contemporary living


For over a century, the idea of awards, gratification and rewards has accompanied the growth of consumer products and, more recently, the spread of large scale retailers. Despite its long history it is still a very modern concept which not only stimulates consumption but also generates empathy and loyalty, especially - like now - when the going gets tough, enabling companies of all sizes in any market segment to reinforce their relationship with the consumer.

From competitive prizes used to promote sales which, offering bonus points for purchases or the option of winning awards, are the most important way of engaging the customer and creating a relationship with the brand, to high value rewards used above all in long and short collections and gifts to increase brand loyalty and grow the value and frequency of purchases: which products are most requested by companies and most popular among their customer base?

These and other issues will be discussed by a number of leading market players, industrial and retail marketing managers and directors of agencies.



· The market and the impact of coronavirus. Corporate investment in marketing tools and communications channels

· Certain prizes and special promotions. Gadgets are a serious business

· The most popular awards: PEDs and consumer electronics

· Long term catalogues and the philosophy of “the brand rewards the brand”

· Short collections among household items and the Made-in-Italy products