PTE - Promotion Trade Exhibition Special Edition: starting today, unique items between Made in Italy, Sustainability and Customisation at Fiera Milano in Rho

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PTE - Promotion Trade Exhibition Special Edition: starting today, unique items between Made in Italy, Sustainability and Customisation at Fiera Milano in Rho

There are 60 brands ready to participate in PTE’s special edition, an exhibition wanted to mark the relaunch of the sector and to introduce a wide range of products dedicated to promotional items, textiles and personalisation technologies

Milan, 7 September 2021 - Make room for sustainability and personalisation but also for quality of materials and workmanship. Companies are increasingly more focused on offering a high-impact value image of themselves and this trend is also confirmed by the promotional items sector. This is well visible on this edition of the PTE-PromotionTrade Exhibition, an event dedicated to promotional items and textiles, giftware, and customisation technologies to be held today and tomorrow, 7 and 8 September, at Fiera Milano, Rho (pavilions from 9 to 11).

From the most common items to the most sought-after high-end ones, PTE Special Edition offers the opportunity to meet again and through the 60 participating brands - 40% of which are foreign, hailing from European countries - to enjoy and learn about the novelty products of the sector, perfect for every occasion, budget and audience.

The products dedicated to "two worlds" - promotional items and customisation machines - is confirmed, with products tailored to every need: giftware, corporate gifts and textiles.

A trend that now leads the sector in all its aspects - items, textiles, but also printing and inks - sustainability is the connecting line of the many products offered. Pens made from the processing of red weed, eternal calendars made of bamboo, 100% eco-friendly pens from their packaging to their refills, backpacks made of recycled materials, USB flash drives made of wood, t-shirts and shopping bags made of ethical fabrics, but also journals in seedpaper, paper that can be sown to make every month of the year indeed fruitful. In other words, thanks to PTE it is possible to peruse a vast range of products that are eco-friendly, a topic to which an increasing number of companies and consumers are sensitive. Products and ideas designed to respect the environment, thanks to careful design, a certified production cycle and the use of alternative, recycled or recyclable materials.

The tech area introduces printing, engraving, and embroidery machines along with all the related equipment. PTE Lab is dedicated to the potential of printing and customisation machines and is back for this Special Edition. From laser to screen printing, from digital printing to embroidery, up to polystyrene cutting, at PTE it is possible to discover new techniques, hybridise ideas and exchange opinions with all the companies of the supply chain.

The companies taking part in the event - Commtec (digital screen printing), Embroidery Service (embroidery and direct printing on items), Maitech (laser technology), Market Screentypographic (screen printing and goccopro system), Modico Graphics (hotwire polystyrene cutting) and Print Solution (digital printing for packaging) - is setting up a real-live production workshop where visitors are able to see live productions and customisation techniques, offering a hands-on experience and a preview of the opportunities that technological innovation makes available on the market today.



PTE’s Special Edition is taking place simultaneously to HOMI, the Lifestyle Exhibition, thus representing a unique opportunity for promotional and personalisation sector specialists to enjoy both. In fact, the sector operators is able to tour HOMI with the same admission ticket, thus developing win-win synergies that expand contact and business opportunities, creating a positive contamination of contents and ideas.

In particular, interesting ideas emerges from two of HOMI’s thematic paths: Promotional, products and services dedicated to various promotional activities, corporate gifts, anniversaries and prize competitions, and PED, dedicated to small household appliances.

Ideas and possible contaminations on the topic of sustainability may also emerge from a visit to Ki-Life, the innovative event space, organized by Kiki-Lab within HOMI, which focuses on a new eco-sustainable purchasing experience, thanks to products and projects by brands operating in different fields and merchandise categories and also used in the promotional channel. The event hosts: 7MML, Alessi, Brandani, Berti, Cucciolandia, Easylife, Egan, IVV, ImagoNaturae, MinigreenyTM, WD and Zafferano.

This initiative focuses on three macro-topics called the three “Ps”: Planet, People and Profit to highlight the growing importance of these issues for the future of people, society and companies. In order to better communicate the values and objectives, two speeches a day bring these topics under the spotlight, at the presence of Fabrizio Valente - Founder and Administrator of Kiki Lab - and his guests Paolo Micolucci (CEO of Brico Io), Cristian Fracassi (CEO of Isinnova) and Diego Toscani (CEO of Promotica).



PTE’s Special Edition is the ideal moment to relaunch the sector by offering the chance to meet again in person and introduce all the sector news.

This return to in-person events is taking place in full safety, thanks to the specific protocol that Fiera Milano applies at all events.

Covid Passport, masks, but also special attention to the expo access: pedestrian and vehicular access points have been redefined for the proper management of transit flows. In addition, the use of digital technologies automates access procedures. A district-specific app provides access to a range of services including fast track, parking and dining reservations. In addition, the catering areas have been laid-out in such a way as to guarantee adequate social distancing.

Thanks to these simple and clear rules, it is possible to move around the stands with the utmost peace of mind, to meet and exchange ideas, thus protecting the trade fair business and safeguarding everyone's health.


The appointment with PTE Special Edition is at Fiera Milano, Rho, on 7 and 8 September.