Customisation comes on board

Customisation comes on board

DTF, DTG, laser, UV, hybrid... these are just some of the technologies visitors will be able to learn more about at the latest edition of PTE. In some cases, visitors will even be able to try out the machines thanks to live PTE Lab demonstrations

This is it. From 30 January to 1 February 2024, Fieramilano Rho will open its doors to giftware and customisation machinery specialists who will be able to see what’s happening in the entire sector - a sector represented at PTE by over 100 companies from 12 countries.


In addition to the traditional stands, the exhibition offers visitors other features, such as the PTE Meet area, where a full schedule of lectures, seminars and workshops will take stock of the market and analyse customisation technologies.


Another favourite is PTE Lab, the workshop where examples of customisation are demonstrated live on all types of material using various techniques (printing, marking, embroidery, etc.). For example, it will be possible to try out WeLase from Gravotech Italia - a compact laser marker with large windows for fast, high quality engraving of jewellery and personalisation of objects, cutlery, perfume bottles and lipsticks. Or Gi-An's DTF i700, which prints directly on film with quick, automatic adhesive distribution, for the fast customisation of any type of fabric using thermal transfer.


T-Shirt Makers will be showcasing the HD60-4T machine, part of the brand new DTF modular printing system consisting of an inline plotter and oven to fully optimise processes.


Awservice will be offering road tests of its magnetic, high-pressure heat press for transferring images onto T-shirts and gadgets. The company's stand will also feature innovations such as the Epson SC-F2200, a hybrid DTG-DTF printer with up to 25% higher productivity than its predecessor, the SC-F2100. This is thanks to the new print head, which can also reduce streaking even when printing with only a few steps thanks to the POL (Part Overlap) function. The compactness of the Epson SC-F2200 means it can be installed in small spaces, so several units can be used. "This machine", sums up Massimo Leva, 65% owner of Awservice, "offers a complete package of solutions for companies seeking production flexibility and scalability. The difference from the previous model is that you can now choose to print white either before or after the other colours. In fact, the Epson SC-F2200 works both in DTG (Direct to Garment) mode, used for example when printing directly onto a black T-shirt, and in DTF (Direct to Film) mode, where colour transfer is obtained by means of a film applied on the side opposite the print".


There are also innovations in the other part of the industry, which in the printing world means laser marking. Specialists from Lasermake (based in the province of Bergamo) will be at the exhibition with a range of solutions for the various applications of this technology. As far as CO2 is concerned, the LM-X700-100 engraving and cutting machine with its 700x500 mm work surface and 100W laser tube offers a huge choice of customisation options ranging from acrylic to leather and the highly popular bamboo (used in recent years for many gadgets with a sustainability goal).


The LM-RFT3-UV laser marker, with its 150x150 mm working area, 3W power and wheeled structure that makes it self-contained and easily transportable for optimum flexibility, is also suitable for a wide range of applications (metals and more). In the fibre area, Lasermake will be exhibiting the LM-RFT30 marker, with a 200x200 mm work area and 30W power, again with a wheeled structure. It can be used not only on metal but also on plastics and polymers. "In all these cases," explains Michele Paris, owner of Lasermake, "we’re talking about extremely versatile machines that are useful for everyone from the small craftsman to the multinational. At a time like this, when supply chain transparency and traceability are a must, the ability to engrave an indelible code on a sheet of metal or plastic is something that can make a difference compared to the use of traditional paper labels".


Colorcopy - Large Format, on the other hand, will play its aces in the Roland, Hurricane and Brother ranges. In the Roland range, it will be possible to try out both the TrueVis MG-300 model (an advanced UV printing and cutting system for a wide range of applications) and the Roland VersaObject MO-240 (a flatbed UV printer just launched on the European market and making its Italian debut at PTE). The strengths of the latter model lie in its staggered heads and a worktable that can accommodate objects up to 204 mm in height. In addition, the brand new Roland Bd-8 and By-20 models - of the UV and DTF types respectively - will also be on show.


In the Hurricane range, Colorcopy offers DTF systems with the Evolution 40 and DTF-UV 60 cm plotters. Last but not least, the Brother Gtx Pro fabric printer again confirms the brand's excellence in direct-to-fabric printing, thanks to the design of the white print head, which allows it to use more nozzles than previous models, boosting productivity by more than 10%.