Promotional products are becoming more and more eco-sustainable


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Promotional products are becoming more and more eco-sustainable

Environmentally friendly and durable articles. This was the theme of the many novelties presented at the Special Edition of PTE

by Maddalena Baldini


Looking at the many novelties and items presented at the stands of the Special Edition of PTE, it is clear that one of the common threads of the proposal was eco-sustainability. The objects presented ranged from green and recycled materials, such as cork, bamboo, Rpet or recycled cotton, just to name the most common.

The articles that left their mark and aroused curiosity were many, respectful of the planet and increasingly oriented to last over time to avoid any kind of waste including water.


An eco-sustainable rain 

Among the new companies that decided to exhibit at the Special Edition of PTE was Perletti - umbrellas for passion, an Italian company that, for the occasion, decided to present the new ecological collection Perletti Green, made with handles and details in natural wood and with Rpet fabrics, that is, fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. Top quality, durable and reliable items that ensure regular and long-lasting reuse, reducing waste. 

In addition, Perletti also presented the Technology line: design and innovation combine in a resistant structure with fibreglass rods, guaranteeing stability even during the strongest gusts of wind. The fabric features a dense weave with a microfibre that ensures quick drying and easy folding inside the lining. The automatic opening and closing is operated by a button located on the handle and coordinated with the pattern of the umbrella.


‘Impact’ to save water

Xindao - which highlighted the good contacts made during the Special Edition of PTE - on the green theme, presented the Impact line, a series of products that pay particular attention to water saving and for which it is actually possible to trace the entire production chain, from the recycled raw material to the finished article.

Xindao is promoting the cause against "greenwashing", that is against the proclamations of eco-sustainability that are not backed up by facts: this is why further initiatives will be launched in the near future to shed some light on our specific sector as well.


Not only Seeds and Stone for sustainable objects

Recycling, Reuse and Waste Reduction is the philosophy that Asiatrade, Makito's distributor in Italy, is following, paying more and more attention to what is sustainable and to the use of new and alternative materials, focusing on durable products and able to avoid the multiplication of waste. Sustainability and ecological responsibility applied to a diversified concept of promotional gifts also move in this direction. Concepts that presented well with the range of products dedicated to Christmas, such as decorations, candles and wooden sets. The same eco-sustainable commitment can be found in technology-related accessories, such as the earphones with solar panel, which reduce dependence on fossil fuels, in the Natural Line, which includes, for example, the anti-theft backpack, made of durable Rpet 300D recycled plastic that, in addition to reducing plastic waste on the planet, uses less energy in its manufacturing process. Also of great interest are the Block Notes made with stone extracts, a 100% recyclable and chlorine-free material, or those made with recycled paper in the production with petunia seeds added, thus creating paper for planting.

The company also uses ecologically sustainable materials in its Textile Line, with garments produced in Rpet and t-shirts in Recycled or Organic Cotton, grown using sustainable methods with a low environmental impact, as our ancestors did.


Green plush and watering pot for plants

Axpol Trading also participated in the Special Edition of PTE focusing on sustainability and presenting the new line of eco-friendly soft toys from the Green Promo collection of the Voyager offer, made from the plastic of recycled bottles. Animals of different sizes, each with a specific indication of how many bottles were used to produce it. The bee-shaped keychain also features a chip with NFC technology, which allows the phone to display a site or promotional message wirelessly.


In addition the Clay Irrigation Pot is an example of the Made in Europe green line products. It should be filled with water, placed in the middle of a plant or flower pot and be closed with a cap that is perfect for branding. Clay absorbs and releases water gradually, thus ensuring that plants on terraces and apartments are watered, as well as avoiding water wastage, since it will no longer be necessary to water several times a week.


Writing that doesn't pollute

Among the objects that always meet with great success, those dedicated to writing, which today are increasingly more design and green. This is the case of Klio Eterna, which presented Klio Protect at the Special Edition of PTE. The Protect Line offers a range of sustainable and resource-saving products with an antibacterial and antiviral function. The line includes Jona, Trias and Zeno models, made with recycled plastic in which a special additive has been added: the antimicrobial effect of the biocide remains throughout the life of the pen. Available in glossy white, the models can have the clip and button in your choice of 8 colours.


Promotional items populate gardens and balconies

A wide range of green items also for Promotred, such as those from the Corthogreen line. A series of articles all in seedpaper, i.e. paper with a variety of seeds incorporated, an excellent and original medium for all types of corporate communication as it includes calendars, cards, seedsticks with seeds of your choice, template and customisable graphics.


Writers' accessories, such as the Ritter Pens, are also useful and increasingly sustainable. The new ALGO pen contains not only biodegradable material but also 20% red algae, which can be disposed of and reused.


Everything goes green


At the Special Edition 2021, sustainability was also the main theme of the Get Impressed proposal. Bottles, thermal bottles, but also promotional clothing and a catalogue dedicated to the coming Christmas, all united by a concern for the planet and its resources. These issues have accelerated in the last two years. «We invest and believe strongly in sustainability, so this year, even more than ever, we have decided to devote entire chapters and proposals to sustainable products and Made in Europe, with all the necessary certifications to contribute in our own small way to this great cause», says Marco Brescia, CEO of the company.