Delightful and useful objects for working from home

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Delightful and useful objects for working from home

Recreating your office at home with technological, practical and sustainable equipment. Taking a look at moments of rest and not forgetting that any object can be a means of communication

by Maddalena Baldini


Smart working has increased considerably over time. Due to the pandemic, a large proportion of workers found themselves having to do their job from the confines of their own homes. In some respects, not being in the office or in contact with customers can be disadvantageous and bring about a certain nostalgia... But which objects and tools can a flawless home-made working environment not do without? Ideas from eQuent, Giving Europe, Anda Present and Maikii, some of the companies in the promotional products industry, offer support with useful, innovative, everyday and even fun objects.


Utility and fun

There’s plenty on offer and, as eQuent says, it’s important to have everything you need to do your best work, as well as being present at all times by implementing some sort of remote communication. For that matter, every object also has remote communication potential. This train of thought links up to choosing useful, charming, practical and eco-friendly items (almost all the products are made using 4-times recycled ABS plastic). What makes sitting at your desk at home in front of your PC more appealing is making use of a range of stationary from pen holders and highlighters, or tech, from charging cables and stand holders for smartphones (made from either cardboard or recyclable plastic), or even wireless chargers and Bluetooth speakers. All these objects are equipped with Augmented Reality so interactive digital content can be seen by viewing them through a mobile phone, an idea that’s hugely popular with both buyers and end consumers. EQuent has even thought about breaks when working from home: that’s why one of the most ordered items is the timeless Rubik's Cube. Customisable with logos and brands, the new Rubik’s Edge is a toy that's similar to the classic, but easier to solve.


Best give it a name...

The ultimate in creativity and staying connected to those working from home are the customised objects from Giving Europe. It has decided to make each promotional item unique with 'Name It', accessories that the name and surname of the person who will be using the item can be added to. Individual customisation that naturally includes the logo or brand of the company ordering it. The most popular and used are pens, but the range also includes USB drives, notebooks, hand gel (always best kept within reach when working at the computer), as well as backpacks and mugs, ideal for taking a break. Personalisation is important, but technique is equally key. That's why Giving, always thinking about remote workers (but not just), offers Mega Laser. A new oversized customisation technique that maximises promotional logo visibility! Perfect for metal, bamboo and Tritan items to get detailed, easily seen images.


Your home office

Smart or remote working efficiency also lies in creating the right atmosphere, regardless of where you're working from. This is the thinking behind Anda Present, which has enhanced its catalogue with green, European-made items and offers a broad choice of everything you need and have to have on hand. Your desk at home becomes a 'place' where the computer should be supported by a web cam blocker, essential for privacy protection, a Bluetooth headset or headphones, useful for both online calls and video conferencing, not to mention an optical mouse and pad. Notebooks, notepads, pens and pencils are always needed for jotting down ideas and taking notes, and if you want to enjoy a moment of relaxation, always have your water bottle and thermal mug at the ready for a refreshing sip or a warm brew. 


For remote working

It’s always a good idea to have tools for your 'travelling' office ready to go and handy to carry. That's why Maikii has designed smart working accessory sets for businesses who are encouraging remote working.

The Smart Set is the ideal mix of wireless technology and Bluetooth, allowing you to set up your workstation without the clutter of cables. The set includes Gemini Bluetooth earphones for hands-free calling; Pad, the mouse pad with leatherette surface that also functions as a 5W wireless charger for smartphones; and Click, the Bluetooth mouse with a linear design. The ToolBox Set is also incredibly useful, which includes Drop Bluetooth earphones and Clap, a USB cable with triple Micro, Lightning and Type C connectors suitable for both data transfer and device charging. The USB HUB increases the number of USB ports available on a PC or Mac by providing 4 additional USB ports, and the Stand-Up smartphone and tablet holder holds devices in both portrait and landscape positions for convenient viewing.