Unique brand and new site redefine Gravotech

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Unique brand and new site redefine Gravotech

Carola Garrone, the Italian subsidiary's marketing and key account coordinator, explained the new Gravotech, grounded in the idea that items come to life, that they express themselves thanks to engraving, customization, marking or traceability

by Stefano Belviolandi


Unique brand: Gravotech. On 28 January, the French multinational launched its revamped identity and the new website www.gravotech.it. Gravograph, Technifor and Type3 become Gravotech. We asked Carola Garrone, the Italian subsidiary's marketing and key account coordinator, to explain this brand-new vision.



Could you explain the reasons behind this decision?

Behind this change is the Group’s desire to simplify communication with customers and to highlight, even more, what constitutes Gravotech’s core identity, namely experience in many technologies, materials to be engraved, design and software.

Objects have the power to express themselves through messages and codes, on all materials and in all areas. At Gravotech, the three brands will give a comprehensive answer to customers who have to operate in marking or engraving; we are no longer talking about single machines but rather customisation projects requested by customer."


Why this change? 

The new brand is the catalyst for Gravotech’s profound transformation, which is based on the renewal of the organization and digital transformation to be closer to its partners. Gravotech's strength, foundation and uniqueness lie in the variety of technologies that enable it to offer the most appropriate solution to the most various needs."


The phrase ‘Expression of things’ stands out in the new brand. What does that mean?

"Thanks to Gravotech, we want items to come to life, to express themselves through engraving, customisation, marking or traceability: the object tells us its story. We could describe it as a kind of product identity card. The Group wants to give items the power to accompany the industrial digital transformation by identifying the parts produced, so as to guarantee the power to inform, creating a more suitable sign for the environment and its normative constraints with great aesthetic impact. Then again, customization gives items the power to convey emotions."


New identity, new vision and renewed ambitions. Can you explain this?

"New identity because the multiple aspects of a product are contained in a single core. A new vision is, in fact, the Expression of Things, because people, technologies, a team, a brand and a single idea that comes to life are the heart of our mission, rather than machines, which become the tool. With the revamped Expression of Things identity, Gravotech builds its future, opening up diverse possibilities for interaction between technologies and work teams in over 60 countries around the world."