PTE-Promotiontrade Exhibition: the promotional world returns to Fiera Milano

PTE-Promotiontrade Exhibition: the promotional world returns to Fiera Milano

The industry's commitment to sustainability and originality is increasingly apparent. Many innovations are on show, ready to become potential unique pieces thanks to the contribution of the machines, protagonists of the PTE Lab. 

Milan, 13 January 2023 – Sustainability, uniqueness, variety of offer: PTE-PromotionTrade Exhibition, the event dedicated to advertising, giftware, promotional textiles and customisation technologies, returns to Hall 18 of Fiera Milano, Rho from Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 January 2023.


Online pre-registration is now open and the event is once again ready to welcome operators - industry intermediaries, promotional gifts agencies, communication and marketing agencies, printers - to present the best of products, textiles and machines ready to meet all kinds of promotional needs.





At PTE the world of corporate gifting is revealed in full: from gadgets, small items for the home or office materials, but also accessories for the car, games, electronics, to textile proposals, up to fine gifts, designed to meet every budget requirement and customisable for every occasion.


The leitmotif of the entire proposal is the focus on sustainability and the increased durability of the object: from the care of production, in the made-in banner, to the search for recycled and recyclable materials, up to sustainable supply chains, which make the gift world more and more environmentally friendly.


A real virtuous change is now taking place in the market, which is seeing the offer of green products multiply: many items made of recycled plastics or paper, wheat fibre, cork, wood, bamboo, regenerated leather.


From pencils made of newsprint that, when sharpened, sprinkle plantable chamomile seeds, to environmentally friendly, scented diaries and notebooks made of dried grass, from wooden tech accessories to rPet hats, to umbrellas made of biodegradable plastics: today, sustainability, which is also increasingly demanded by the end customer, is a compulsory direction for the entire industry.


The world of textiles is also following the same trend: whether sweatshirts or t-shirts, beach towels, fashion accessories or home textiles, there is a growing search for certified fabrics and production chains that embellish the product and offer one more reason to choose and appreciate it.





Thanks to machines and techniques designed to work on an ever-widening range of fabrics - from technical to the finest, from cotton to polyester - and on every material, PTE will allow you to discover how products and fabrics can be true "blank canvases" through which you can convey your message, your brand or your identity, responding to the needs of all kinds of customers: from the world of sport to concert merchandising, from summer clothing to major events.


From the graphic design to the choice of material through to printing, thanks to the manufacturers' consulting capacity, the tech area will offer the latest high-tech printing and customisation equipment, capable of making every type of object and fabric unique: embroidery, screen printing, sublimation, printing, but also engraving and laser cutting machines.


Completing the technological offer is also the PTE Lab, which will see machines in operation and where it will be possible to discover the new technologies animating the sector, devise new projects and exchange views with all the leading players in the industry. 





PTE 2023 confirms the semi-contemporarity with HOMI, the Lifestyle Exhibition (to be held from 26 to 29 January 2023), which will take place in the neighbouring halls. Specialists in the promotional and customisation sector will therefore be able to visit the other event again this year with the  same ticket, expanding contact and business opportunities and developing new synergies that will create a positive fusion of content and ideas.


Interesting moments of inspiration can be derived from the HOMI proposal that will open a further window on items that can be used for promotional activities, corporate gifts, anniversaries and prize competitions.


The PTE event - PromotionTrade Exhibition will be at Fiera Milano, Rho, from 25 to 27 January 2023.