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Lanyards are very special to our company because they were our very first product and also a product that we are best known for.



Thanks to the types of tapes and a BIG collection of accessories we can create over 7 thousand combinations of lanyards, any combination you can dream of.








Multifunctional 10 in 1 tube bandana is made with high-quality, flexible and breathable material, ensuring comfort of use.


10 ways of using make the product universal and practical on any occasion.


Neck and face protection, hat, wristband or hair tie are just few options of how you can use it.


It completes the casual and weekend outfits.



Multifunctional Tube Bandana




A beach chair with high quality sublimation printing.


It has a durable and waterproof fabric, resistant to weather conditions.


The structure is made of beech wood.


The fabric mounted on the cutter allows easy disassembly for washing.




Beach Chair





A high quality bag made with durable material and sublimation printing allows you to reproduce full color images.


With short or long handles, sewn with a reinforced stitch and printable in full color, thanks to which the bag gains additional advertising space




Shopping Bag





Gym bag with high quality sublimation print - print all over the bag.


Equipped with a soft string, fastened with inserts with a logo.


Thanks to the waterproof material, things inside stay dry, even during the biggest rains.


Easy to clean and handy. It is perfect for school, swimming pool, for a trip or for everyday use.

Gym Bag



Cloth is made with high quality microfiber material.


It can be used to clean glasses, phones, tablets or other glass surfaces from dirt and smudges.


Does not leave lint or streaks.


It does not require the use of additional cleaning products.

Microfiber Cloth

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