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In this difficult time that we are living, Stricker Group is committed to protect everyone. 

In this way, we have added new products for prevention and safety that could be especially useful for daily use.


From this complete range of products, we highlight our reusable textile masks that have an antibacterial treatment of exceptional quality, suitable for those who want a longer lasting solution.


Additionally, we also have an adjustable flexible PE mask strap that is an extender that protects the ears and allows adjustment of the elastics up to 4 positions to ensure greater comfort in case of prolonged use of your protective mask.


Important note: these products are booth customisable.


Another relevant accessory for your daily life is our HANDY SAFE. It is an antibacterial multifunction keyring that due to its design can be used to open doors and its tip allows you to use the buttons on an ATM or the elevator, for example.


We also have bottles with flip top cap in PE and PP that have capacity up to 100 ml that are refillable and reusable.


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