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In 2020 Stilolinea is committed with the REFORESTATION project, in collaboration with Treedom, not only to plant simple trees, but also trees for cultivation, so that, besides taking care of the environment, it will be possible to give income to families in Kenya. Here are some of the models involved in this initiative:

Here are some of the models involved in this initiative:


  • iPROTECT® is the antibacterial pen by Stilolinea, the only one in the market with natural zinc ions, microbiologically tested and certified. It has effectiveness against the 99% of bacteria. This pen is the ideal tool for the promotion of those companies which want a higher level of protection and safety.
  • The 2020 eco-friendly novelties S45 Bio and S45 Bio Clear are manufactured with a revolutionary material derived from 100% renewable natural fibers, not derived from petroleum: the PLA. In this model bio-compostability combines with design to boost the message of sustainability.
  • S45 r-PET is proudly made of plastic coming from 100% soft drinks bottles. Choosing an r-PET pen means to saves 50% of energy compared to the production of one in PET. The certification of the origin of this type of plastic is issued by the producer in order to demonstrate the reliability of this product.
  • Raja Chrome Recycled, with one of the most sustainable looks at the time, becomes an ambassador of the respect for the environment. The "court gray" and "aesthetic black" nuances of 100% post-consumer plastic enhance its timeless elegance and create a powerful contrast with the precious metal details.
  • KAMAL line is fresh, modern and the sinuous clip remembers the ocean waves. Well balanced in its shape, with large areas for printing both on the barrel and on the clip. The power of colour enhances in its maximum expression with the trendy monochrome version.
  • TROPIC line has a wide choice of personalization thanks to its five rings, which decorate the surface as a colorful rainbow. These pens are characterized by a young and attractive "Made in Italy" design, brilliant surfaces and the large opportunity of colors combinations by mixing the 13 available trendy shades.