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Pagani Pens

PRODIR presents: the new QS50 and the antibacterical line


The new QS50: say thank you with a personal touch.

“Thank you” is inscribed in five different languages on the antibacterial casing surface of the QS50. Silver ion technology equips the pen with 99.99% protection against bacteria throughout its lifespan.

Its environmental credentials are similarly impressive: like all of Prodir standard models, 30% of the plastic used in its production is made from their own recycled materials.


New Antibacterial Pens: clear communication.

Hygiene is an important message - and Prodir wants to make sure their pens allow us to communicate it clearly. For this reason, all of Prodir models are now also available with antibacterial Biomaster surface protection. 

And, of course, a few special models are available – such as the white DS Regeneration Pens. Not only they are made from up to 100% recycled materials, but also their antibacterial protection lasts a lifetime. Two of the burning issues of our time, encapsulated in a single pen.