fieramilano (Rho)



Customised Narratè© – Storytelling tea


Today it is very difficult to capture the attention of leads, whether they are B2C or B2B, profit or non-profit.


We are all exposed to information and distraction overload.

That is why Narratè© was born: a new and unique editorial format that guarantees that you have 5 minutes of reading time. How is that possible? - by using the brewing time of the tea.


Narratè© is, in fact, a narrative tea composed of a tea bag and a booklet whose reading time is equivalent to that of the brewing time (5 minutes).

We believe that a fundamental characteristic of modern communication today is the ability to stand out, offer increasingly refined and sensorial experiences in the name of empathy.


Narratè© engages tea drinkers with style and creativity, culture and taste.


With this innovative product we have solved the problem of getting people to read at least for 5 minutes.

These 5 minutes can be fruitfully used to impart key messages to a person preparing his/her Narratè©. Furthermore, the product is totally customisable in terms of text, graphics and blends.



So if you wish to delight and surprise, then Narratè© has the answer.




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