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MAXEMA Antibacterial - Take it safe, take it easy. We need to feel protected, every day and today even more so. Maxema Antibacterial is our new collection of antibacterial pens, able to combine design and safety.

The plastic we use for Maxema Antibacterial pens contains a special antimicrobial additive that releases silver ions and prevents bacteria from settling on pen surfaces and passing from one hand to the other.


Why choose Maxema Antibacterial?

The plastic used for Maxema Antibacterial pens is effective and safe: the special ISO 22196:2011 certified antimicrobial additive releases silver ions that settle on the cell walls of bacteria and inhibit their survival and reproduction.


Bacteria: up to 99,99% less

The antibacterial effectiveness is confirmed by meticulous laboratory tests: 99,99% of the bacteria on the pen are destroyed resulting in a good antimicrobial effect.


We care about your health

Some bacteria can cause disease and infections: for this reason is important to make your life safer, even when you write.


Maxema Antibacterial Collection

Antibacterial collection is composed by 5 models: Flow Pure, Zink, Pixel, Bay and Dot, the latter available in 20 solid colors, in addition to white.


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