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Corporate promotion becomes eco-sustainable!


You no longer need to choose between functionality and eco-sustainability: the products in this range are made from recycled materials, such as plastic or paper, materials of plant origin such as wheat fibre, wood or bamboo, and natural elements alternative to plastic, such as those found in cement.


With these products, you can reduce environmental impact, and you’ll be amazed by the quality and appeal.



Some products



Twill, power bank in fabric and recycled plastic.


5000 mAh battery Power Bank and USB port with 5V/1A output. The body is made entirely of recycled plastic, and it is covered with RPET fabric on top.


Two single litre water bottles were used to produce it; this data is also indicated on the back of the Power Bank, together with the recycling icon and the RoHS and EC certifications.


The fabric is light grey and features a woven finishing. It can be customised with the silkscreen or four-colour printing company logo.



Dry, Bluetooth speaker in wheat fibre and silicone.


3 Watt Bluetooth speaker in wheat fibre with water resistant silicone base.


On the silicone base there are the buttons for switching on and managing the songs and, on the opposite side, the micro USB port (for connecting the cable for charging) and a slot for the memory card.


Everything is protected by a silicone tongue that prevents splashes of water or humidity from ruining the speaker. The internal rechargeable battery has a capacity of 300 mAh and an autonomy of about 3 hours of listening.


Once connected to your smartphone or other device, Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a range of 10 metres. A bright LED visible on all four sides indicates when the speaker is in operation.

The wheat fibre of which the body is made is an eco-sustainable material resulting from the assembly of ABS and natural fibre from agricultural crops. T


he natural colours in shades of beige and brown recall this composition. The use of this material limits the use of industrial plastic to a minimum and contributes to the circular recycling of food waste.


The speaker can be customised on four sides with the company logo in digital printing.

Another strong point is the delivery time: it is shipped from our premises within 24/48 hours from order confirmation, and delivery takes place in 24 or 72 hours depending on the destination.



Bucket, wireless charger and pen holder.

5W wireless charger and pen holder in one single product, with a cork finishing.


The inclined surface keeps your smartphone in a vertical position as it charges via induction (this works only for compatible models) with DC5V/2.0A input and output.

The pen holder is spacious, and its interior is covered with soft PU leather.


Bucket is the ideal support to keep your workstation tidy and to easily check mail and messages from your phone.

Furthermore, thanks to two additional USB ports on the back, it also acts as a hub to charge multiple devices via cable.

The entire external surface is finished with cork and threaded stitches on the sides.


The advantage of this product is the fact it is eco-sustainable because cork is a natural material with a low environmental impact, both in terms of production and disposal.

The front of the pen holder is customisable with laser incision.


Another advantage is the delivery turnaround: we can send the product within 24/48 hours of the order confirmation, so delivery will take place within 24 to 72 hours depending on the delivery destination



Grain, USB 4in1 multi-cable in wheat fibre and bamboo.


Multiple connector equipped with standard USB cable, micro-USB, Lightning and Type C, all with fast charging function for smartphones or other devices.


A very useful product because it gathers in a single solution all the cables compatible with any model of smartphone. It also allows you to connect multiple devices to recharge them even simultaneously up to a maximum of 2.1 A.


The hub from which the cables come out is made of wheat fibre (a special assembly of ABS and natural fibre), with a rectangular bamboo insert.


The use of these two eco-sustainable materials makes the product particularly suitable for companies that promote environmental sustainability.



The body is provided with a functional hole for the passage of straps/lanyards or accessories.


The bamboo surface can be customised by screen printing and laser engraving.


Another strong point is the delivery time: it is shipped from our premises within 24/48 hours from order confirmation, and delivery takes place in 24 or 72 hours depending on the destination.



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