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Il Punto

Thanks to its long specialization, IL PUNTO s.r.l. is among the most important companies in Italy in the "Creative Decorating" sector.

 Among the technological proposals of 2020, the company includes 6 different machines designed for the textile industry:


  1. SWF single-head embroidery machine MAS-12 model, with new Touch Screen monitor, integrated Wi-Fi connection and Smart Embroidery System which converts photos into embroidery designs;
  2. Professional SWF single-head embroidery machine Compact model, with new Touch Screen monitor and semi-self-lubrication system, ideal for customizing various garments;
  3. Professional SWF single-head embroidery machine ES-T model, a very productive embroiderer thanks to the flat frame. It can be used both for the personalization of clothing and as a sampler inside an industrial embroidery factory. Available single or double sequin device (TWIN), cording or Zig-Zag device;
  4. SWF multi-head embroidery machine KS-Series model, with new technology applied to the electronic parts. It has a new Touch Screen monitor and the digitally controlled foot system which allows you to adjust the drop height of the needle, according to the chosen fabric;
  5. Plotter Laser Mars model, with the new laser sources with power of 150 W and 300 W. It was designed and manufactured for engraving and cutting different materials, such as: paper, wood, plexiglass, leather, imitation leather and much more;
  6. Machine for creating rhinestone maps CAMS model, the only machine in the world able to apply 4 or 6 different sizes of rhinestones / studs, from a size of SS3 up to SS34.


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