Ecofamily by Carioca colours the world and saves nature


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Ecofamily by Carioca colours the world and saves nature

The creativity of children preserves the environment thanks to a new line of felt-tip pens and pencils made with recycled plastics

One of the main objectives that Carioca sets for the future is to ensure a continuous commitment in reducing its environmental impact and in raising the awareness of clients, suppliers and employees on the need to integrate the concept of sustainability. In fact, in 2020 Carioca launched a new Ecofamily line, made with post-consumer recycled plastics, coming from the recycling of containers for beverages and food in polylaminates, habitually used in milk and fruit juice cartons. This material, so far disposed in dumps and incinerators, finds a sustainability solution. The new Carioca line includes fine tip and maxi felt-tip pens, markers, graphite pencils and WHT pens. An important novelty able to combine such a critical issue as the respect for nature to the importance of ensuring children a better world also through their creativity.