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Since 1992, Badge4u has been specialising in various promotional gadgets, including button badges, machines and components for button badges production, products with magnets, smartphone accessories, microfiber cloths and security products. 

The production conditions, our care for environmental issues and work organisation standards have been highly evaluated by the auditors and earned us a number of the quality and environmental certificates, such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 1400:2004, OHSAS 18001 and SEDEX.



Multifunctional accessories

Our multifunctional bandana comes in handy in all situation which you may meet during your everyday outdoor activities. During bike trips, it can serve as a mask protecting you from the sweat dripping down your face or dust on the uncharted roads which just wait to be discovered. During walks, you can use the bandana to protect yourself from sun or cold.



Wireless chargers

Wireless phone charger is an extremely useful gadget which allows you to charge your phone’s battery very fast without the necessity of using a charging cable.



Security cards

Card protects data on cards operating at 13.56 Mhz frequency, such as payment cards, clock cards, metro cards, ID card, biometric passports etc. The chip detects RFID reader signal and prevents data access by drawing its energy.



Cellular cover

Camera cover sliding (or any shape sliding) with a customisable graphic design is designed for laptops, computers and tablets. Standard packaging option includes a customisable cardboard backing card and a polybag.



Credit card sleeve

Special card sleeve which protects your payment cards against RFID skimming (unauthorised access by hidden RFID/NFC card readers).Within five years of cardguard’s presence on the market, it has already received four “Gift of the year” awards and many positive reviews in the press. It has already protected more than 20 millions of cards all over the world and gained the trust of both individual clients and financial institutions. Standard packaging option includes a polybag.



Biodegradable badge

Out of concern for the natural environment we want to introduce our new ecological and fully biodegradable badge.



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