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AMGS Group

AMGS Group is a Polish company that produces and commercializes promotional material and corporative gifts.

Microfiber face masks – BESTSELLER


Reusable face mask with DGA (CERTAM) certificate. Meets the European standards CEN CWA 17553 : 2020. Classified as a first class face masks.


Face mask is available in many patterns and colors. We mainly implement client’s projects, co the product will be perfect for  your business branding.




Neoprene face mask - NEW


Reusable face mask made from neoprene foam. The material has only advantages: it is light, durable, elastic, water and dirt proof and heat-insulating. Neoprene makes the product a perfect fit for outdoor activities. Whether it is for work, a recreational walk, public transportation or anything else, our face mask will gets its job done.



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